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Common issues

Facing issues with a source or the app? Here's how to tackle common challenges.

Basic issues

Cannot Access SD Card

  • Temporarily switch download location from SD card, then revert and restart the app.
  • Long filenames trigger this. Android file manager doesn't support >255 characters.
    • If known, shorten the file/folder name via computer when SD card is connected.
  • Else, delete Mihon downloads folder on SD card.

Storage issues with Android 11+

See this section of the FAQ to learn how Scoped Storage affects Mihon in Android 11+ and how to fix it.

Slow loading

Sources being slow could stem from site slowness, your internet, or source-imposed rate limits/IP bans.

Reading is laggy

  • Caused by oversized images in chapters.
  • For 32-bit color users, try disabling in More -> Settings -> Reader.
  • Free up RAM.
  • Use sources with smaller images.

App not installed

Refer to "Unable to install the app or extensions" section.

Advanced errors

Java.lang Exception: Failed to bypass Cloudflare

This error indicates the selected source is protected by Cloudflare.

Consult the Cloudflare guide for solutions. If issues persist, the source might have high Cloudflare protection.

Unable to resolve host / Connection failed / Failed to connect to / timeout / connection reset

These errors indicate connection issues. Possible causes include:

  • Weak internet connection.
  • App lacks internet access.
  • Your ISP has blocked the site.
  • The site is down.

Try these solutions:

  • Enable DNS over HTTPS under More -> Settings -> Advanced.
  • Change network (Wi-Fi, mobile data, VPN).
  • Reboot router. / Chain validation failed

Validation issue with source's certificate.

Try these solutions:

  • Check expired certificate, use SSL checker.
  • Set correct device date and time.
  • In More -> Settings -> Advanced, try Clear cache and Clear cookies.
  • Change network (Wi-Fi, mobile data, VPN).
  • Reboot device.

Attempt to invoke virtual method 'com.hippo.unifile...'

Storage-related error causes:

  • Storage full, check device/SD Card.
  • Grant Mihon SD card access in Android settings.
  • Download folder access issues, validate paths.
  • Corrupted or inaccessible writing drive, verify using a file manager.

HTTP errors

Encountering HTTP errors? Here's what they mean and how to address them.

HTTP Error: 403 - Forbidden

Possible reasons for this error:

  • The selected source has Cloudflare protection. Check the Cloudflare guide for solutions.
  • The source might be down, removed the series, or banned your IP.

    Open WebView to confirm.

HTTP Error: 404 - Not Found

This error likely indicates a down source or removed series.

  • Use WebView to verify.

    Consider switching to a different source for the series.

HTTP Error: 429 - Too Many Requests

This error suggests the source temporarily banned your IP due to fast downloads/reads.

HTTP Error: 5xx

Errors like 500, 502, etc., indicate server-side issues on the source's end.

Check the source in WebView to confirm if it's down.

HTTP Error: 1006

This error means a temporary IP ban by the source.

HTTP Error: 1020

This error points to violating a firewall rule set by the site owner. The owner might raise Cloudflare protection or block IPs from outside their country.


For unlisted errors or if instructions don't help, refer to Diagnosis.