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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't Mihon on the Google Play Store?

Mihon won't be on the Google Play Store.

APK-based extensions conflict with Google Play's content policy. Google might take down the app due to certain content, which the developers wishes to avoid.

Is Mihon available for iOS/iPadOS?

There is no iOS or iPadOS version and neither are there plans for one. Porting is difficult due to the separate codebases of iOS and Android apps.

Any app proclaiming to be "Mihon for iOS" is not by us and should be treated as a scam.

What is Mihon Beta?

Mihon Beta (みβ) is the latest preview version of the app. It showcases potential upcoming features, but it's more prone to bugs and crashes.


While it's ideal for users seeking the latest Mihon experience, it's essential to keep auto-backup enabled to prevent library loss due to issues.

Can I read light novels?

Mihon can't read light novels; it's an image parser, not a text parser.

Can I stream anime?

Mihon isn't designed for anime streaming.

Projects using the Mihon name for anime streaming aren't affiliated with the main project.

What's a fork?

Forks are alternate Mihon versions with distinct features. Get more details here.