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Frequently Asked Questions about the Library.

Why is Global Update skipping entries?

The app's default behavior is to skip updates for entries that meet the following criteria:

  • Have unread chapters
  • Haven't been initiated
  • Carry a "Completed" status
  • Isn't expected to have new chapters yet

This strategy prevents unnecessary load which may lead to sources implementing measures against Mihon. To manage entries with infrequent or no updates, consider using categories and excluding them from updates.

We recommend using the default settings and prioritizing unread chapters for reading.

If you wish to disable the notification about skipped items, you can do so at More -> Settings -> Advanced and then Manage notifications (doing so requires Android 8 or above).

Why am I warned about large bulk updates and downloads?

Excessive server load may trigger anti-Mihon measures from sources. See the previous question for more context. Long-running update checks and downloads may also impact your device's battery life.

To mitigate these concerns:

  • Use categories to segment your library ("Reading", "Plan to Read", "Completed", etc.).
  • Update only the Reading category by navigating to More -> Settings -> Library, then tap Categories under Global update.
  • If the warning persists, create a new category for infrequently updated entries (like monthly series or those on hiatus) and set global updates to target the more frequently updated reading category.

Why aren't library updates working?

Some Android skins (e.g., MIUI) aggressively save battery, potentially shutting down apps in the background.

Whitelist Mihon from your battery saver by going to More -> Settings -> Advanced and tapping Disable battery optimization.

If unsuccessful, refer to Don't Kill My App for how to disable specific battery-saving options for your device.

How can I see the number of downloaded chapters?

Badges can be enabled by navigating to Library, then going to Filter and clicking the Display tab. Then, at the bottom, select Download badges.

Can I sync between multiple devices?

Mihon can't sync between devices. Use its backup and restore features, including auto backups, for series database and content migration to another device.

How can I ignore duplicate chapters?

Dealing with series translated by multiple groups that result in duplicate chapter releases?

Bookmark or mark as read the undesired chapters, then open the Filter menu, ensure you're on the Filter tab, then double-tap Bookmarked or single-tap Unread.

This hides bookmarked or read chapters, enabling you to skip them as you read. Ensure Skip filtered chapters is enabled at More -> Settings -> Reader under the section Reading.

Alternatively, migrate to a source without duplicates. Refer to the migration guide for detailed instructions.

Why are some cover thumbnails corrupted or blank?

If cover thumbnails appear corrupted, blank, or broken, it's likely due to an incomplete download. Fix this by refreshing the covers in settings.

Refresh your covers at More -> Settings -> Advanced then tap Refresh library covers.

Why have some chapters been marked as unread?

If certain series chapters are marked as unread without your interaction, it could be due to changed URLs. Mihon detects these changes and interprets the chapters as new.

How do I pause reading history?

Disable Incognito Mode through More -> Incognito mode.

How do I only read downloaded chapters?

Enable Download only via More -> Downloaded only.

Why can't I disable the Downloaded filter?

Disable Download only via More -> Downloaded only.