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Frequently Asked Questions about various app settings.

Why is taking screenshots blocked?

Turn off Secure Screen in More -> Settings -> Security and privacy.

What is DNS over HTTPS?

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) (in More -> Settings -> Advanced) offers secure DNS resolution through HTTPS, preventing attacks. Learn more here. This may help bypass some basic website blocking.

What are the different installers?

Three installer options are available (in More -> Settings -> Advanced):

  • Legacy: A fallback installer if the standard PackageInstaller doesn't work.

    This is the default for MIUI (i.e. Xiaomi devices).

  • PackageInstaller: The primary installer option with additional features dependent on the Android version.

    For instance, it can bypass user prompts when updating extensions on Android 12.

  • Shizuku: Refer to the Shizuku guide for details on Shizuku's functionality.