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Advanced editing

Advanced local series metadata editing for enhanced library organization.

Editing local series details

It is possible to add details to local series. Like series from other sources, you add information about the series such as the author, artist, description, and genre tags.

To import details along with your local series, you have to create a JSON file. It can be named anything but it must be placed within the Series folder. A standard file name is details.json. This file will contain the extended details about the series in the JSON format. You can see the example below on how to build the file. Once the file is there, the app should load the data when you first open the series or you can pull down to refresh the details.

You can copy the following example and edit the details as needed:

  "title": "Example Title",
  "author": "Example Author",
  "artist": "Example Artist",
  "description": "Example Description",
  "genre": ["genre 1", "genre 2", "etc"],
  "status": "0",
  "_status values": ["0 = Unknown", "1 = Ongoing", "2 = Completed", "3 = Licensed", "4 = Publishing finished", "5 = Cancelled", "6 = On hiatus"]


If you don't want to manually create the details.json file, you can alternatively use this tool.

Using a custom cover image

It is also possible to use a custom image as a cover for each local series.

To do this, you only need to place the image file, that needs to be named cover.jpg, in the root of the series folder. The app will then use your custom image in the local source listing.